Sony Award Ceremony with Meet + Greet - January 25th 2024

15. Februar 2024 / INFOTECH/Katharina Geng

The Sony Award Program, generously sponsored by Sony Europe B.V., is targeted at 3rd semester students from the faculty’s international master programs: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computational Linguistics and Information Technology. It aims to support them as they enter the final phase of their studies and recognizes their academic achievements and research contribution

This year’s awards were presented during the Sony Award Ceremony with Meet + Greet on January 25th 2024.

In attendance from Sony Europe were Dr. Dietmar Schill (VP R&D) and Ms. Halyna Tupytska (Human Resources). During his presentation, Dr. Schill gave an overview of Sony’s international research and development activities and provided insightful tips into the considerations students should make as they contemplate their future careers.

More information regarding the scholarship can be found here.

Dr. Schill, Sony

The three recipients of the 3000eur Sony Student Awards were:

Namrata Jangid – Computer Science

Gautham Mohan – Electrical Engineering

Adya Agarwal – Electrical Engineering


L to R: H. Tupytska, A. Agarwal, N. Jangid, G. Mohan, Dr. Schill

The evening was rounded off with casual networking and refreshments.  Students also enjoyed the opportunity to direct any questions they had regarding Sony and the industry directly towards Dr. Schill.

Thank you to all who attended.


Students discussing with Sony representatives
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